As a therapist and as a writer I’m aware of the power of words to give voice, and to heal. I’m an author, blogger, and speaker who believes in the difference between defect and identity, and in writing that discloses personal narrative simply as another human tale.

I’m also the founder of she founded Womencare Counseling and Training Center and co-founder of the Trauma Consultation Training Program.

My expertise includes coining the term “traumatic experience of love” which emerged from my thirty years of treating those who were injured or abused by someone they once believed trustworthy or believed loved them.

My book Baffled by Love; Stories of the Impact of Childhood Trauma Inflicted by Loved Ones,  is where my passion for stories and my experience as writer and as a psychotherapist first found each other.

Writing provides a salve. And no matter what the disorder or condition a client or a family may experience, good writing refuses to see people as other.

As a feminist and trauma therapist, I’m interested in why those who are abused as children by someone they relied on are more vulnerable to be victims of sexual abuse and assault later in life. This is important and difficult terrain and highly relevant to the challenges and healing the #MeToo movement provides.

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-Laurie Kahn, LCPC, MFA