Me Too #A New Awakening, But Still on Thin Ice

Why now?  Why # me too? Why are people surprised that sexual assault is painfully common and that women are silenced? For years as a trauma therapist I observed how those who were abused by someone they depended on or loved, learned to minimize or normalize cruelty and mistreatment. They feel shamed and unworthy, unable […]

Therapist meets Narrative Nonfiction

An Author website! I feel giggly, like an excited teenager equally delighted and embarrassed by my pleasure. For over thirty years I have been a practicing psychotherapist devoted to the craft I love. I have reached a moment in my career where I have the pleasure and privilege to mentor, teach and consult to other […]

Everyone Has A Story

As a therapist, I listen to the untold story. I am the midwife to a narrative that needs to be constructed, told or infused with compassion and new meaning. The loss of the ability to make meaning is crippling. Therapy not only touches the lives of our clients but also transforms the experience of the […]